A Wound So Deep

A wound so deep,
Inflicting pain in her,
Poking its needle day after day making her hollow each coming day.
The tears have replaced laughter,
The chirp now concealed,
She is yelling, shouting and screeching,
But no one hears her scream.
For she is wailing in her heart,
She is not fighting the world but herself,
Not letting anyone come near her.
Just showing a happy face from a distance to deceive the world,
Like a doll with a happy face in the showcase of the toy shop,
But caught in the glass walls of the box.
She wants to express, but she fears denial.
She is afraid of being lonely, yet she wants to remain alone.
Maybe it is better not to express.
For whenever she expressed, She just got denial.
She once loved, but the love left her.
Flew away to some distant place, A place unknown.
Happiness flowed out of her, making her still and pale.
She could now never laugh again.
She could now never feel again.
She was now numb.
Someday she will prove this wrong.
She will smile, laugh and sing again.
Screaming to the world, that she is no more afraid.
Love will embrace her in its arm that day.
She will express, She will dance to the sound of her mother singing through the clouds,
She will realize she is beautiful in her own way, She will be herself that day . . .

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