It is easy to define and characterize people in relationships, but then do we actually realize their essence and importance? This is the complex part.
Ever thought why we do not have the same set of friends we had few years ago? Maybe because you guys fought, or you just stopped talking with each other for no reason at all or many reasons altogether. All what we do is just give a name to that relationship say a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend. After making all the efforts to attain the name or status of that relationship, we stop working towards it and investing our efforts and time into it. lets say we take those relationships for granted. this is the easy part.
Relationships are something easy to make, yet sometimes complex to maintain. You need to make an effort, however small it maybe to keep it alive. A person starts to get bored of the same routine and the same person as days pass and as you start knowing almost everything about that person. There is nothing left to know or talk about. what happens then? The Relationship is over? That is the time it actually starts. Start exploring new activities and stuffs together or maybe even alone. This is how you are able to share the knowledge gained from that new thing with the other person. Every person reacts to any thing, new or old, differently. By exploring that activity together, you might discover a new side to your friend or partner which you may have never ever seen before. By exploring that activity alone, you will provide your knowledge and experiences to your friend or partner and maybe get them to do that activity too.
Also, there are few people who get so engrossed into the so-called science of relationships, that they forget to live life. We sometimes try so hard to impress that person in our life, either friend or partner, we forget to value our own happiness. We start pretending and stop being who we are, what defines us, what makes us unique and special. And this is why again, our relationships starts declining and soon they are over. We seem to be lost again. Like the character of Joe in the famous movie What Happens in Vegas played by Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, we become all exhausted trying to work out our relationship. But when she was actually in a relationship, where she did not have to pretend and impress, she actually started being happy and eventually found her man.
Relationships are easy and simple yet complex. we just need to find that right balance between our own happiness and the person we are with. sometimes, just being by someones side is all that matters. You see life is all about exploring new things. So meet new people, make relationships, value them, invest your time and energy into it. Trust me the results will be manifold in the form of immense care and love.
loads of love xoxo

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