To Trust or Not To Trust : A Dilemma

She, a sad soul
crushed by her past
trying to carry her heavy heart
trying to just keep going
to get past another day and another night
She doesn’t trusts anymore
the word has lost its meaning for her
for whenever she trusted
someone defied that bond
One day she told to herself
That she won’t trust anymore
not a thing, not a person
but gradually she became tired of being alone
tired of not being able to love
not being able to be loved
She made her inner person understand
trust again, not everyone is the same
go out, absorb the warmth of the sunlight,
love and be loved,
don’t be afraid to let out.
She tried again
still afraid to get hurt
but not so afraid to not try again
she now smelled the lilly, the rose, the tulip
walked barefoot on the green shining grass
again ready to try one more time
One day she met someone
who tried to charm her
in a subtle and gentle fashion
he also crushed by the past
still had some love left within
it made her closer to her
for she could relate what was it like not to be loved
Gradually and gradually she started falling for him
got angry if she didn’t hear him a single day
she made a sweet little spot for him in her gentle heart
finally started to trust again
But he kept raising questions in her mind and heart
she trusted him and did not wanted to let go of that bond.
but the things she saw hinted at some other facts altogether
somewhere that trust had crushed a little
that she had developed with him
What is left is the final confrontation
for when she will meet him
she will be full of thousands of unanswered questions
she is afraid of getting her trust crushed again
she always believed no one could be trusted again before she met him
now she is afraid of being proved right
Once in her life she wants to be proved wrong
a huge turmoil and dilemma whirling in her heart
to trust or not to trust again?!!

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