I have real friends. or maybe not.

This is a phase of my life where i have become really negative. I am always eager to point out other people’s mistakes, telling them the way things should be done and that they are wrong. And getting irritated myself if someone points out my mistakes. I am bitching about people more than usual (hey! a bit is fine, i am a human and a girl you know). You can say i have become a BITCH!

On the other side, I am still loyal to the people who i was to viz. my friends, cousins, family. I still love them they way I did before and will do always. I love them inspite of the fact that they are not perfect. Oh common! No one is. I am so not HAHA!

But what made me lose many people in my life over these months, was it my negativity? what was it?

Aren’t friends supposed to tell you that ‘Honey! you are kind of being a Bitch lately. so slow down. Appreciate things.’

Well some did and some didn’t and they just left. This one friend of mine started giving me a silent treatment.. I know I bitch a lot and might have said a thing or two which she didn’t appreciate. So i stopped saying it. But you gotta tell me if it hurt darling! even then i thought I’ll ask. I kept asking for more than a month, if anything that is bothering her, maybe something personal, and since i am one of her closest friends, i know something is wrong, yet she didn’t tell me. So now i thought of giving her time and reaching out for me when she likes rather than me suffocating her with questions. its been more than 1.5 months and yet i am waiting. I still sent her a text and asked what’s happening and stuff, still those plain replies.

the Question is is it OK to let go because you are clearly unwanted or just keep trying?

Well I am glad there are some who gave me a smack on my head and said ‘stop being a meanie!’ so well i do have some friends who stick by me no matter what while others left.

It is truly said your hard times show you who your real friends are and who were only a part of the reel that has now withered away.


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