Birthday?!! Yaay.. um wait!!

Happy 4th of July America!

talking about my birthday? well the kid inside me wants it to be all lavish with bumpy castles, food, confetti, laughter, games and friends. But it is not so I am afraid. I don’t really have a plan for my birthday every year. Usually i just cry for a cake at least, to my dad (yes I am 21 years old). That is what i did last year, which somehow added to 3 cakes brought by my neighbour, brother and a dear friend of mine. Yes my birthdays are not so special. It really never was after few personal tragedies.
My birthday is here again this month. So inspite of others making it special for me or not, I have decided to treat myself and be my special someone and enjoy my day. I am thinking of finally buying a DSLR Camera. And I am really proud to say that I am gonna buy it with my money which i have collected for years and earned with my first summer job. Also I plan to buy something out of it for my family and also for the temple nearby, as it was my first pay. And yes a special thanks to my brother who is willing to provide his financial assistance in case I fall short short of money 😀
So yes I am really excited for my Birthday this year.
Earlier I always expected people to make my birthday special for me which obviously led into many disappointments. This time I will do it for me.. 🙂



Written for The Daily Post – It’s Your Party



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