The Incomplete Letter

Sometimes I think of what has become of the people whom I don’t talk to anymore. The ones who left me for others, the conversations that I left in the middle and the ones who never really cared but hurt like a deep paper cut in the throat - I think of them and wonder [...]


Birthday?!! Yaay.. um wait!!

Happy 4th of July America!talking about my birthday? well the kid inside me wants it to be all lavish with bumpy castles, food, confetti, laughter, games and friends. But it is not so I am afraid. I don't really have a plan for my birthday every year. Usually i just cry for a cake at [...]


Dear Mrs. You must have been used to others calling you that and not with your first name. This tag given to you by the institution of marriage has somewhat faded your identity. wherever you go, this tag never leaves you. i know you wish sometimes that you were the same carefree maiden, with your [...]

To Trust or Not To Trust : A Dilemma

She, a sad soulcrushed by her pasttrying to carry her heavy hearttrying to just keep goingto get past another day and another night She doesn't trusts anymorethe word has lost its meaning for herfor whenever she trustedsomeone defied that bond One day she told to herselfThat she won't trust anymorenot a thing, not a personbut gradually she [...]


It is easy to define and characterize people in relationships, but then do we actually realize their essence and importance? This is the complex part. Ever thought why we do not have the same set of friends we had few years ago? Maybe because you guys fought, or you just stopped talking with each other for [...]